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Welcome to the Digital Atlas for the Jordan Response Plan

The Digital Atlas is an online information management and analysis support (IMAS) toolkit designed to facilitate the compilation, visualization, and sharing of information related to funding and project implementation under the Jordan Response Plan (JRP). The toolkit has been developed to support joint analysis, integrated programming, coordination and M&E to support an effective response to the effects of the Syria crisis in Jordan.

What can you do with the Digital Atlas?

The Digital Atlas has been designed to provide all JRP partners with an online, user-friendly, system to access, track and analyze JRP project data. The 4Ws mapping tool has been tailored to automatically retrieve and display all the relevant project data from the JORISS system, thereby providing an online, real-time, link to a common project/activity tracking and mapping tool, with information on each project and the related activities data from the JORISS. A series of dynamically updated, online and down-loadable dashboards present simple visual charts, tables and maps with information on funding, projects, and activities. These can be organized by one or more fields including sector, location, implementing partner, donor, etc. The data can be filtered to display only specific types of data, and users can download any of the re-organized and/or filtered data as an Excel sheet (Export) or can visualize their selection on a map ( Show on Map). A Map View that allows the user to dynamically display the data and/or create additional dynamic layers directly in the map view, which can be overlaid in the same map, or dual map split-screen visualization can be used to see various sets of layers side-by-side. Additionally, the user can add numerous other contextual layers of data, by selecting them from the Static Layers menu in the map screen.

What information feeds into the Digital Atlas?

The Digital Atlas is fully integrated with the Jordan Information System for the Syria Crisis (JORISS). Data entered in JORISS is automatically retrieved from the system and displayed in the Digital Atlas.

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